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Physical Security

Looking out for you, your teams and your business. 

We’re proud to now offer the most advanced AI-driven technologies that keep your building more secure and your environment more comfortable for teams and guests. See how we can enhance the security of your facility.   

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our Physical Security 

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Video Surveillance


Keep an eye on your building, parking, entrances, loading docks and more. Powerful without being complex, we install systems quickly without added software that stores 365 days’ worth of standard quality footage. 

Secure Door Access

Secure Door

Whether it’s a single door, multiple entrances at a single location, or multiple locations, we can build an access solution fit for your business. Bluetooth enabled for hands-free access while connecting to security cameras for an added layer of protection, we provide peace of mind with every touchless entry. 

Alarms and Monitoring

Integrated Alarms 
and Professional Monitoring

No need for security on staff or on the premises. Our connected alarm solutions are designed to respond threats to as they happen. How? By turning your cameras into a monitored alarm system, keeping you safer after hours and employees more secure at all working hours.

Video Based Guest Management


Know who’s coming, who’s going, and provide a personal, welcoming touch with technology that strengthens your security and simplifies visitor management. Our solution integrates video security with access control, all custom to your needs. 

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality

How is the air quality in your building? In your offices? Simple, all-in-one sensors can deliver that data in real time, while alerting you to higher-than-normal levels of pollutants, high CO2, allergens and particulates, and even loud or dangerous noise levels.

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