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Infrastructure Background


The right pieces in the right place
make all the difference. 

Your network foundation should be secure, reliable and built for now and the future.
Single Stop is one destination for a complete infrastructure strategy that's right-sized for your operation. 

Infrastructure design

Flawless Network

From server setup and implementation to IP address requirements and network devices, such as switches, routers, firewalls, and servers, we quickly and accurately determine the perfect network design for your organization. And as your company expands or relocates, we grow and move with you. 

Data recovery

Dependable Disaster Recovery Planning

Be set up to handle anything—storms, power outages, fires, and floods—that comes your way and interrupts your business as usual. Our disaster recovery planning creates a secure, offsite server and file replication structure, technical plans for business continuity, and recovery point objects to get you back up and running immediately. It’s almost like the storm didn’t happen. 


Reliable Wi-Fi

Have you ever moved just a few feet and suddenly your Wi-Fi went out? Our team finds and fixes weak spots and dead zones to ensure solid, uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi hotspots throughout your building, boosting your signal for everyone and ensuring proper bandwidth to help increase speed and productivity.

Structural Cabling and Wire Designs

Structural Cabling
Wire Designs

Our experts make wiring your building hassle-free. We handle all your cabling needs, from Ethernet and fiber optics to data centers, ensuring it fits your budget. Additionally, we connect all devices to your network, enabling seamless work on the go and off-site. From phones, printers, and camera systems to videophones, we ensure flexibility for future device additions.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Cloud Infrastructure

Revolutionize your infrastructure with Cloud Design. Our experts transform traditional hardware and servers into a secure, worry-free cloud-based environment. Enjoy accessibility from anywhere, knowing your data is protected in our reliable platform.

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